Your body is your home

The body is an instrument that tends to be taken for granted. It does so many things for us without us even having to think for a second. We’re able to feel, smell, see and taste the wonders of the world.

It isn’t until our bodies start to malfunction that we take action. To avoid this from happening it is important you eat healthy nourishing foods, exercise regularly and listen to the signals of your body.

It’s not that long ago that I walked with a cane, but every time I think about it, it feels like it was ages ago. A completely different person with a totally different life.

I know it may look as if my journey was easy breezy, but getting to this point in my life took a lot of discipline and even more dedication to myself

Everyday for 6 months I meditated for an hour in the morning and in the evening and when I was done I would journal about what I felt in my body and try to understand what my body was saying.

I used to experience extreme chronic pain, I was angry and scared because I just didn’t understand where it was coming from. Meditation changed that for me and it can do the same for you

I’m haven’t had a relapse since I started practicing, I can’t call it chronic pain anymore, because I don’t experience it everyday anymore.

I made the decision to dedicate my time to myself, to my body and the life that I wanted to live. Whatever it is you want in life, you decide how much time you want to invest in it

If you only spend 10 minutes once a week working on goals, you will get ’10 minutes a week’ results. You are the only one standing in the way of your goals. It is important you spend your time wisely and spend it on that which you truly want to achieve.

We often feel like we have to make sacrifices in order to achieve our goal, but every time you are not working on your goal or your hearts desire you are making an even greater sacrifice. Your life, time and energy are precious and you get to decide how you spend it.

So ask yourself are you spending it on doing things that give you energy, that make you feel good or are you spending it on things that make you and your body feel depleted?

How often do you take a break to listen to your body?

A lot of the pain, discomfort and dis-ease we experience in our bodies are expressions of the thoughts we have in our minds. When we’re stressed, we tend to clench our jaw and our shoulders tense up.

Hold on to stress for a long period of time and it will manifest itself in more than just a little tension in your shoulder. Take care of your body by taking a moment every day to just listen to the signals of your body. To listen to your thoughts and let go of the ones that don’t benefit you.

Chronic Pain Meditation

Want to learn how to start listing to your body? Every week we upload new yoga, meditations and self love tips in our playbook app.

This week you can start with a chronic pain meditation where we’re focusing on the sensations in our body and connecting them to the thoughts in our mind that are causing them.

Using the breath we are going to release the pain and sensations in our body and let go of the thoughts that cause them. Freeing ourselves from the past and memories that cause us harm, with our breath and affirmations.

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