Cultivating Compassion

Today we would like to take the time and talk about compassion. Sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day life we rush from one place to an other, that we forget to treat others with compassion and kindness.

At times we all had to deal with cranky, stressed and angry people. Know that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about and that’s why we need to try to be more understanding to each other. The world can use more kind, gentle and compassionate people!

One of the great things about compassion is that it not only helps others and helps the world around you, but it also can help you live a better, happier and more mindful life.

Other good news is, practicing compassion isn’t hard and it doesn’t cost thing, start cultivating compassion in your life with these 5 tips!

5 Tips on being more compassionate

1. Have more compassion for yourself

How can we be kind to others if we are not kind to ourselves? We all have to deal with our inner-critic which who can be pretty harsh and put us down from time to time. So try to practice more self compassion. Next time you feel like you messed up, don’t be too hard on yourself. Being compassionate to yourself is essential if you wish to be compassionate toward others.

2. Listen

When you ask someone how he or she is doing, turn your full attention to the person in front of you. You might not always have the answers, but sometimes all somebody needs is a listing ear. So take the time to listen to their story without interrupting and giving any judgement. Give them the space the need and avoid talking about yourself or the times you’ve felt that way too (this is not help-full). Think about the times some has really taking the time to listen to and how that made you feel.

3. Put yourself in some else shoes

Judging and making assumptions of somebody’s life is easy. But let’s try to set these judgements aside and put yourself in their position before deciding what to think about it. Life can be hard and everybody is doing the best that they can and being judgmental doesn’t make it easier.

4. Work with intentions

Intention is everything. When doing something for an other, what are you reasons behind it? Is it for a selfish reason, or does it come form the heart? With everything you do try to practice good intentions. Don’t expect anything in return for your gesture or compliment but be genuine in your acts of kindness. It will help enrich your relationships and bring more peace in the communities we live in.

5. Encourage Others

When we praise and encourage others we can sometimes kick-start a positive spiral of behavior in that person. Positive reinforcement is always helpful to a person who is thinking they are either stuck or will never get out of the circumstances they are in at that moment.

Cultivate Compassion with a forgiveness mediation One of the biggest spiritual lessons you can learn is to understand that everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. People can only do as much with the understanding and awareness they have. Those who have mistreated you, have also been mistreated in the past. The greater the violence the greater their inner pain and the more they lash out.We don’t have to accept this behavior, We don’t have to forgive this behavior, but we have to be aware of their pain in order for us to move on. During this meditation we’ll focus on forgiving ourselves for holding onto the pain and take steps into forgiving those who have caused it.

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