How to stay motivated in 2020

It’s a new year which means you probably set your new years resolutions and made a promise to quit old, nasty habits and try to create some new ones! It’s everyones tradition to set resolutions when the new year arrives, but it seems to be a tradition to break them as well.

We start a new year with the idea that we are going to improve our lives, start a healthy diet, get some exercise, maybe quit smoking and drinking, but it never seems to be anything more than just an idea.

Starting 2020 with a resolution is great, but a resolution is nothing more than an idea to do something, which means you haven’t decided to actually do it, which is why most of us quit while we’re ahead, thinking that it wasn’t going to work anyways.

The idea of a resolution is beautiful, because it is just that, an idea and an idea doesn’t have any weight to it. It doesn’t have any results, there’s no way of knowing where it will lead you unless you put it to action and that’s exactly why most of us never fulfill them!

Theres no way of avoiding the word ‘change’ when it comes to writing this blog, because that is exactly where resolutions will lead you. To change! And nothing is more terrifying to any human being than change. Because change leads to the unexpected, you never know what might happen and that feeling of not knowing is the scariest thing in the world. Because ‘what if?’

But what if.. What if something good happens? What if you get what you want? What if you become the happiest you have ever been? What if you become healthier and stronger, because of it? What if all these beautiful things happen to you, if you hold onto your resolution this year?

Change doesn’t have to be uncomfortable you know? It can actually free you. Help you live the life you wish for yourself. So why does it have to stay a wish? Why can’t it become your reality too? Let it become your reality! Allow yourself to improve your own life. So what can you do to fulfill your new resolutions this time around?

1. Turn the Resolution into a an Intention

The way to hold onto your resolution is to turn it into an intention.

Instead of saying I want to, or I am going to live a healthier life in 2020, say I intent to live a healthier life this year. Intending to live a healthier life means you are currently making the decisions that will lead to living a healthier life. It becomes more than just an idea, more than just a dream, you are actually living it!

2. Don’t rush it!

You have an entire year to fulfill your newly set intention, there is no rush!

You are not in a competition with anyone here, not even yourself. There is no need to feel like you failed if you slip up or if you didn’t achieve your goal right away. Remember you intent to improve your life, you are working on it, YOU are a work in progress, which means you are allowed to take your time to do the work, to make mistakes and to improve whenever you can.

3. Keep track of your progress

Where are you now and where do you want to be? Keeping track of your progress helps you see how far you have come and will motivate you to move forward! Get yourself a notebook and start writing down all the things you intent to do for yourself and how you are going to do it.

Reflect on yourself every week/month and see if you were able to fulfill your intention.

4. Surround yourself with like minded people!

Having people around you that are working on the same thing you are can be very inspiring! It will motivate you to move forward and keep you on the right track. If you surround yourself with people who are skeptical on self improvement and anyone who doesn’t believe it is possible to turn your dream into a reality, you are going to have a hard time staying positive yourself.

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Affirmation for 2020:

''I am willing to look within and let go of my fears. I accept myself and my past completely

Everyday I step more into my power.''

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