Guided Meditation

5-minute Purifying Meditation // Clear the body and mind

- Generate Healing Energy ✨

The world is at a halt and while she is using this time to heal herself, let’s follow her example and heal ourselves too!

In light of the coronavirus, we want to take the time that has been given to us, to heal ourselves and generate compassion to those who have been a victim of the virus as much as mother earth has been a victim of our selfish behavior.

This meditation we are using a Tibetan mantra

“om mani Padme hum” - A mantra used to cultivate compassion and clears you from ignorance and negative energy!

We, humans, are truly powerful beings, just look at how our actions affect the earth.. it is time we unite and use our power for healing and positivity!

Because we believe a happy and healthy life starts with a great routine, we made one especially for you to follow along too!

Our 21-day meditation and yoga routine is now available on routinr👏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️ so you can practice in the safety of your own home! 🏠 ⠀

Click the link to get into a peaceful routine and download our free plant-based cookbook while you’re at it!

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