Beginner Yin-Yoga Routine

This week we want to introduce you to YIN-yoga. A more slow paced, passive type of yoga practice🌱 ⠀ You will notice that we we’ll hold the postures for a longer period of time (around 1-3 minutes) This will invite you to go deeper in the postures and will challenge your mind. Learn to work with gravity and create a deeper connection with our breath. While finding our edge, respecting our body’s limit and not pushing too hard, but trying to soften up and surrender into the postures😌

Our Yoga Mat: @theurbivore

Save this 5 minute flow for later, so you can follow along in your own time and start exploring the limits of your body and mind! ⠀ Grab a block, a cushion or a bolder for to ease into this practice! Follow along to our full classes on our Playbook App

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