9 Round Breathing technique

9 Round Breathing technique to calm down your mind

During my stay in Nepal I learned the 9 round breathing technique. A technique that a lot of yogi’s may already be familiar with! It’s a really easy way of clearing the mind and the energy channels. Releasing the tension in the body and the negativity from the mind 🌿

The benefits of this breathing technique are endless, it promotes your health, boosts your concentration and energizes you when you are feeling low. The visualization helps you focus your attention completely on the breath. Connecting the mind to the breath and actively working on releasing any negative thoughts!

Because we want you to really feel the benefits of this meditation, we uploaded the full version on our playbook and it is completely FREE 🙆🏽‍♀️ ⠀ You don’t even have to start the free trial for this video just click and follow along! ⠀ 9 Round Breathing Technique:
 3x || Breath in Left Nostril, Exhale Right Nostril
Releasing Desires and Attachments
 3x || Breath in Right Nostril, Exhale Left Nostril
Releasing Anger and Hatred
 3x || Breath in Both Nostrils, Exhale both Nostrils
Releasing Ignorance and Confusion

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