50 ways to practice self care

If you know us, you know we love to talk a about the importance of self-care a lot, research says that the more we practice self-care, the more confident, creative and productive we are. We also tend to make better decisions, build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively.

The good thing about self care is it come can in many ways and it can be anything you want! You either do yoga or binge watch your favorite show, what ever makes you feel good! We created a list of 50 things you can add to your own self care routine. Feel free to pick any you like, or let us know what’s in your self-care routine!

1. Have a sleep in

2. Meditate

3. Practice yoga.

4. Take a long bath

5. Have a healthy breakfast 6. Read a book 7. Catch up on your favorite shows 8. Organize your closet 9. Do some laundry 10. Clean the house 11. Take a long walk in the park 12. Have brunch with a friend 13. Visit your favorite bookstore 14. Try a new work out class 15. Call your parents 16. Go to the movies 17. Get a pedicure 18. Get a massage 19. Listen to your favorite music 20. Eat cake at a coffee shop 21. Catch up with friends

22. Take a nap 23. Visualize your dream life 24. Write down your goals for the week 25. Make a vision board 26. Make a list of affirmations 27. Research a new topic you would like to learn about 28. Listen to a inspiring podcast 29. Declutter your phone/email box 30. Make a budget 31. Meal prep your meals for the week 32. Unplug of your social media 33. Bake a cake 34. Have a afternoon tea

35. Watch a documentary

36. Draw of color

37. Create a new Spotify playlist

38. Make your own face-mask

39. Try cooking a new dish

40.Paint your nails

41. Apply your face mask

42. Take a long shower

43. Wash your hair

44. Cleanse/Smudge your room

45. Do some mirror work

46. Make a gratitude list

47. Write in journal

48. Set intentions

49. Meditate some more :)

50. Go to bed early !

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