5 ways to beat your phone addiction

Last week we asked you: What's the first thing you do in the morning? Most of you answered that the first thing you do is, checking your phone! We asked ourselves can we go an entire day without checking our phones and logging onto some form of social media. To be honest, we get sucked into our phones constantly, scrolling through social media, responding to emails, having the constant need of being connected all while missing out on everything around us.

Don’t get us wrong, smartphones are amazing tools! They are our connection to our family, friends and a world of information making our lives easier, fun, inspired and connected, but how often do we pick up our phone just because we have an urge to check it? Smartphone addiction is a real thing and when we use our phones without thinking about why it drains our time and energy and can make us feel stressed and anxious!

That's why we decided to find more balance on how long and how we spend the time on our phone. Use our phone more mindful and purposeful, not just because it’s there.

5 tips on how to start your phone detox

1. Turn off your notifications

During the day we get notifications for every app we have. This can be a major distraction throughout the day! Start by turning off your notifications and especially the ones for social media! You don’t need to be updated everything your neighbor post another picture of their dog. By turning off these notifications you will be less distracted and you will resist the temptation to just quickly check and get lost in your phone again.

2. Delete distracting apps

If turning OFF the notifications is not enough and you notice yourself losing time to certain apps on your phone, just delete them!

3. No phones in the bedroom.

Starting end ending your day without your phone can make a big difference! Think about it, when we wake up with our phones the first thing we see are missed calls, “urgent” messages and all these things we cannot control. This can make us feel stressed throughout the day. Instead of checking social media the moment you wake up or go to bed, spend half-hour meditating or writing in your journal.

4. Let go of needing to be available all the time

Think about this for a moment: Do you really need to be available 24H a day? Probably not. You might feel like you need to respond to people’s comments and messages right away, or you’ll upset friends or colleagues. Well, there is no need to be available at all times. You deserve your time off, you deserve the opportunity to respond in your OWN time!

5. Know why you want to make a change

It’s much easier to avoid sitting on your phone when you know why want to make a change! Take a moment to write down why you want to spend less time on your phone. Every time you have a moment of weakness, remind yourself why you are doing it. Make another list of things you can do instead, like reading, learning something new, or anything you love to do and what make you happy!

Join us in beating our phone addiction and use these tips to be more mindful in your phone usage!

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