5 Reasons to start journaling daily

Keeping a journal can be hard in the beginning, you might not know what to write or are having trouble with being consistent we wrote down 5 reasons why journaling can help you in your life!

1. It creates clarity

The key to a clear mind is journaling. Every day our little monkey mind creates thousands of thoughts, ideas and we experience so many emotions. Writing in a journal can help you clear out these thoughts and ideas so your brain won't go in overload.

Letting go and writing down your thoughts will give you a better outlook on what it is you are going through and what steps you should take.

2. Journaling makes your goals more concrete

Ever heard of the saying speaking it into existence? Well, the same applies to writing it down. The moment you put down your goals in writing, it becomes real. It's no longer just a thought, but its the first step in achieving your goal!

3. It helps you visualize your future

Journaling is a way to visualize goals. Using your imagination to create clear visions of what you want in your life. Writing about them is an act of faith in yourself, and it brings you one step closer to your goals!

4. It's a way to talk/write about your problems

We all have problems and difficulties and sometimes is hard to talk about it with others. Here is where a journal can help.

Journaling can help you improve your ability to express yourself and make sense of what you are experiencing, without having to share it with others.

5. You can keep track of your personal growth

Journaling helps you see and keep track of the things that are truly important to you. By writing down your thoughts, feelings and decisions you can keep track of all the things you have overcome and achieved!

It shows you exactly the person you were and the person who you are becoming!

Want some more journaling tips check out this video where Mwanini explains what journaling is really about and how you can start out with your own journal!

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