Myths about yoga

There are so many myths about yoga. Yoga has the power to transform your body and transform your mind. But sometimes we hear people say crazy things why they shouldn’t be practicing yoga. Here a few myths that are definitely not true!

1. You need to be flexible to do yoga

This is simply not true, you don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga. Everyone and every body type can practice yoga. You will see with regular practice you will increase your flexibility. Ngudju:the first time I stepped foot on a yoga mat, I was so stiff, couldn’t even reach for my toes. But you will see the difference in no-time by just stepping on to the mat.

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2. Yoga is a religion

Yoga is not a religion and it doest judge religions. Yoga is based on spirituality and yoga helps you to love and be compassionate not only to yourself but also others.

3. Yoga takes too much time

They say the best time to practice yoga, is when you don’t have time for it. It doesn’t matter how long your practice for, even a 15 min routine will help you calm the mind, and strengthen your body

4. Yoga is just a workout

While it looks like yoga is only a physical exercise and it may appear to be simple stretching movements, it is so much more than that! The yoga poses only make up a small portion of what yoga has to offer. The word yoga means union—the union of body, mind, spirit, breath, and environment. It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice.

5. You have to go to a studio to practice yoga

Yes, there are plenty of benefits of taking a class in a studio and practice yoga in the presence of a teacher, but it’s not necessary! There are so many options for you to explore yoga in the comfort of your own home! Because there you can choose what works for you, your body, and your schedule that day, which you won’t necessarily get in a studio. The most important thing while practicing yoga is that you are comfortable and feel a connection with YOUR body!

It might seem very hard to take that step, to take you, first yoga class. You might think you need to be super flexible or be able to stand on your head, but now you know the truth!

Yoga journey

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