About us 

Own your Glow is founded by two sisters Ngudju & Mwanini Makangira. Born and raised in
The Netherlands, blessed with roots in the heart of Africa.


''Like many sisters growing up together gave us a special bond, so we are not only sisters but also best friends!’'

One found her glow through yoga and nutrition and the other by self love and meditation.
We decided to combine our knowledge, so we could inspire more people to find inner peace, eat healthier and practice more yoga! We wanted to create content about Self Love, healthy Plant-based Food, Yoga and Self Care.

With Own your Glow we share our story of living with Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme disease and how we found our inner glow, so you can find your own glow and start shining from the inside out.

We hope to inspire you to live a healthier, more loving and more energized lifestyle,

where you learn to love yourself and find your inner glow.

Lots of Love,

Your sisters,

Ngudju and Mwanini

''Glowing comes from within, its the foods we eat, the thoughts we have and the energy we spread ''


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